A special thank to Prof. Dusan Hamar MD, PhD, Head of Institute of Sports Sciences, University of Bratislava, for his scientific expertise making the FiTROdyne project a reality.
TENDO Weightlifting Analyzer and TENDO Power and Speed Analyzer can also be interfaced with a laptop computer, to run up to 4 stations simultaneously. This is fast becoming the choice of the professional trainers, colleges and pro teams. Computer software and interface is an additional option in these models.

TENDO Unit - the microcomputer gives
- measurement of velocity and power
- percentage of max power and velocity
- number of repetition
- adjustable limits of audio signals
TENDO Unit package includes :
2.Velocity sensor unit
4.Set of rechargeable batteries
5.Battery charger
6.Carrying bag
TENDO Unit continue to change the way we train
TENDO Weightlifting Analyzer
TENDO FitroDyne, TENDO Power & Speed Analyzer and TENDO Weightlifting Analyzer have been used for the measurement of speed of bar movement and Power Output for 11 years in leading sports facilities in 35 countries.

Single Station Interface
Multistation Station Interface
Tendo FitroDyne                Weightlifting Analyzer
Power and Speed Analyzer
The Tendo Unit easily hooks to the barbell, plate stack, or athlete and measures average and peak velocity in meters per second up to a 2.6-meter range of motion. If proper mass of barbell or athlete has been entered into the microcomputer, the unit gives velocity as well as power output measurements for up to 250 reps before having to reset.
TENDO Power and Speed Analyzer
Single station Interface - to run 1 microcomputer
4 Station Interface -to run up to 4 microcomputers

Now with wireless bluetooth connection