TENDO Sports Machines
New upgrade for Tendo Power Analyzer microcomputer
(available for units since March 8, 2016)

Multi-weight set

It is not necessary to set correct weight, to get correct result for measurement of barbell velocity. Velocity calculation is independent on load setting and it is possible use the microcomputer unit without changing load setting.
But if you want to know power for different weight of the barbell, it was necessary to set the weight of the barbell, to get correct result for power measurement for new load.
It was necessary to clear data and then set new weight.

Up to now !

We bring a possibility to perform setting of a new weight without deleting measured data from microcomputer, to change the weight during the exercise set and so to have one multi-weight set, a set with different load of the barbell.
We have added weight settings to a setup menu of the microcomputer. Now it is not needed to reset the microcomputer if you would like to change weight setting. If you would like to compare e.g. power measurement for different weights (load) now it is possible to do it without deleting of data from previous measurement.

Just set new weight in setup menu (without reset - deleting data from the microcomputer) and all measured results will be compared in one multi-weight exercise set. This way it is possible e.g. comparison of particular values for different weight with the absolute (best) value. This way it is possible to optimize not only training load but also easy determine number of repetition to guarantee stimulation of all, namely FTG (glycolytic) muscle fibers, because the movement must be always at least 90% of max power output measured in Watts (Hamar, Bosco )